3454 Mountain Essence:
Swiss natural balsamico

You’ll be simmering with joy: nine delicate varieties with the very best of Swiss fruits and a dash of our refined 3454 Beyond Balsamico.

The ABC of our natural balsamicos:
apple, blackberry, cherry and more.

Apple: the seductive classic.

There were once around 4000 varieties of the world’s most important fruit. Today, just under two thirds remain. A very small, but exquisite portion is to be found in our 3454 Mountain Essence Apple Balsamico. It’s the perfect glaze to top any apple cake.

Apricot: the sweet little fruit.

This subtly flavoured, exceptionally delicate fruit with its distinctively tempting aroma originated in Imperial China and adds a classy touch to our 3454 Mountain Essence Apricot Balsamico. It pairs well with many dishes, but in particular foie gras terrine.

Pear: the gift of the gods.

Homer, the first poet of the Occident, considered pears to be a gift from the gods. Over time, this ancient pomaceous fruit produced approximately 1500 varieties. 3454 Mountain Essence Pear Balsamico adds that extra something special to poultry stews as well as Roquefort.

Raspberry: the herald of summer.

Just as this berry ripens, the warmest time of year reaches its peak. The thorny member of the rose family provides plenty of acidity and essential vitamins. A few splashes of 3454 Mountain Essence Raspberry Balsamico make raspberry sorbets even more delicious.

Blackberry: the dark, tart one.

Happiest growing wild in hedgerows or on fences, the blackberry is known to entice all those willing to brave her thorns to satisfy their tastebuds. Perhaps it’s the slight, almost wine-like tartness. A few drops of 3454 Mountain Essence Blackberry Balsamico will turn a blackberry soufflé into an irresistible treat.

Blueberry: ancient and wild.

Depending on the region, it’s known as a blueberry, huckleberry, bilberry, and even whortleberry. Originally wild, this tiny, somewhat sour fruit was tamed around 1900. 3454 Mountain Essence Blueberry Balsamico lends dishes of wild game more than a hint of sophistication.

Cherry: the Lucullan luxury.

This round red stone fruit can be traced back to Anatolia. Via the Balkans and Roman general Lucullus, it made its way to Rome and eventually the entire world. Today, 400 varieties exist. One of these can be found in 3454 Mountain Essence Cherry Balsamico and makes duck with red wine sauce a culinary flight of fancy.

Quince: hard with a sour centre.

Cultivated 4000 years ago in the Caucasus, it lends a wonderful aroma to many dishes. The Portuguese word for quince, “marmelo”, is what gave marmalade its name. 3454 Mountain Essence Quince Balsamico provides an elegant finish to fish dishes or Edelkorn sauces.

Plum: sweet as sugar.

Plums announce the arrival of early autumn. Related to the apricot and the almond, this juicy fruit with its yellow flesh is the sweetest variety of plum. A little 3454 Mountain Essence Plum Balsamico will take even the finest blue cheese to the next level.