3454 Beyond Balsamico:
for gourmets and all
those who love to indulge.

Like with cooking, the best things take time.

Deep inside a natural tunnel in the heart of the mountain, in barrels made of Limousin oak, our 3454 Beyond Balsamico sits maturing patiently.

It takes at least 10 years before this rare, highly sought-after luxury delicacy makes its way into the kitchen. Even prestigious, award-winning chefs, such as Franck Giovannini who has cooked up three Michelin stars in his Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, swear by this pure natural product and its unparalleled flavour.


Heavenly ingredients, divine aroma. The perfect Swiss apples growing on traditional orchard trees are responsible for this exquisite balsamico’s excellence and unique aromatic richness.

The fruit is harvested and processed at peak ripeness using traditional methods. At the highest balsamico factory in the world, 3454 metres above sea level in the Swiss Alps, perfect conditions prevail: the constant, low-oxygen climate in the tunnels of the Jugfraujoch encourages the balsamico crystals to mature. The balsamico becomes ever more concentrated and viscous during storage, developing more substance with each passing day.

Sublimely well-rounded flavour. Our balsamico indulges the palate and nose, providing an unparalleled, exquisite experience. This refined, additive-free natural product has a sweetly creamy, slightly tart taste. As a result, 3454 Beyond Balsamico is a luxury delicacy in demand all over the world and miles ahead of the competition.

The taste of pure,
unadulterated indulgence.

Extravagance that makes
for special enjoyment

Unbelievably inspiring and versatile in the creative Gault Millau culinary art, this is how 3454 Beyond Balsamico presents itself. Martin Real, a true master of his craft and owner of the Weinlaube in Liechtenstein, raves about the intensity and balance of this unique apple balsamico.

Every single drop from the flask is a revelation.

Creating the highest quality is no easy feat. Those who succeed are united by one thing: passion. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our high-quality apple balsamico in a classy, custom-designed glass flask. The elegantly shaped flask and the exquisite packaging alone are a feast for the eyes. Our 3454 Beyond Balsamico itself is sure to inspire you as a chef, along with all who have the pleasure of enjoying it.